My name is Jeremy Lee. There are a lot of great builders out there who can do an amazing job building you a fantastic tiny home. I’ve met some, I would trust them to build for me if I was in your shoes. So why choose Lakeside Tiny Homes? For me, it comes down to individuals, so let me tell you a little about myself. I started driving farm equipment at 8 years old, it was a semi truck, my little brother was on the floor running the gas pedal. I had my first company when I was 12, mowing lawns and picking up trash at apartments near a university. I became a handyman when I was 16. I’ve been doing some type of construction related work most of my life. What does all that mean? It means I work hard and figure it out. I enjoy what I do, and that makes work fun. I’m passionate, creative and a visionary. I love to create things with my hands, I take pride in my work, and have found that honesty is actually the easiest policy. When I under bid a job, I stick to my bid. When I overbid a job, I cut my client a better deal. True, I give myself the short end of the stick too often, but I sleep well at night knowing I didn’t rip anyone off, and that’s better than money in the bank.

In my years in the construction industry, I’ve seen the average size of homes grow and grow. As we acquire more and more things, we need more and more space in which to store our acquired treasures. As the home gets bigger, so does the mortgage payment, which means more time working to pay for our treasures and the expensive box we keep them in. It’s a snowball effect, strapping people down and stealing their freedom. Uncontrolled spending, uncontrolled debt. The Tiny House movement in my eyes is a step towards freedom. It’s a mindset that says “My things don’t control me, I control my things.” It frees our time and money to enjoy life, it declutters and simplifies.
Also, I’ve seen a lot of waste in construction. It always bothers me to see resources wasted. The cost isn’t the concern, it’s the waste! So much is just thrown out to fill landfills. I believe we have a responsibility to ourselves, the earth, and future generations to be less wasteful and more conservative with our resources. I love alternative building concepts that utilize nonconventional products and ideas. Tiny Homes can’t work for everyone, but I want to be a part of a solution for these two issues and help those who can make it work, work the best that it can for them.