What makes Lakeside Tiny Homes USA different than other tiny homes?

You do! Lakeside Tiny Homes USA builds tiny homes to your exact requirements. Our goal is to build a home that you can truly call one of a kind and your own. We have suggested floor plans and designs that will get you started, but the end result is really up to you. We put our years of building expertise to work for you so that you get exactly what you are looking for. 

What does a Lakeside Tiny Homes weigh?

The weight can vary dramatically depending on size and customization and materials. Typically they will be anywhere from 10,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds. Our homes are designed to be mobile. They move with you. You will need to make sure you have the proper skill and equipment to move them or contact someone who does. We provide transport services. Contact us for details. 

Will I need permits to build and spend time in a tiny home?

There are currently not any permits required for a tiny home. You will need to check with local laws and ordinances to ensure that where you decide to park it is legal. Each municipality treats tiny homes different. Seek out your local municipality’s office to get information on what you need to do to comply with their requirements.

Do I need any special permits or procedures to tow my Tiny Home?

As long as you meet road requirements you can move your house without any permits or special requirements. We build our homes within the required guidelines to be towed on public highways. You must register them as a trailer to be legal. Tiny homes weigh 10,000 lbs or more. You should be sure that your truck has sufficient towing capacity and is set-up to handle the weight you will be towing. Checking with your automobile insurance is also recommended to ensure that you have coverage for towing this type of trailer. If you don’t have the ability to tow it we offer delivery services, and will work with you to deliver the home to your desired location.

Where can I park my Tiny Home?

If you own your own property that is usually the best place to park your tiny home. There are many other options like trailer or RV parks. These also offer the convenience of utility hook ups. Some places limit where and how long a tiny home can be parked. Make sure to check with the local zoning department to ensure where you intend to park your tiny home is legal.

NOTE: Lakeside Tiny Homes is a custom manufacturer of Tiny Homes. We assume NO liability for any potential zoning issues you may encounter after purchasing one of our tiny homes.

How does the electrical system work? Will I always have to be plugged in?

There are multiple options that can allow you to be grid tied (always hooked up), off grid (never hooked up), or anything in between. It all depends on what you want, and how you plan to use your home. All of our Tiny Homes can be built to be hooked up to conventional 120v AC electrical hookup (30 amp) or 240v ac (50 amp) service, depending on your appliances. This will require a typical RV style hookup. You can be plugged into an external power source, or run off battery, or solar power, or a combination of all 3. It completely depends on what you want and whether it fits into your budget.

Will i need to be hooked up to a sewer system or septic tank?

In every Lakeside Tiny Home we have all of the sewer needs taken care of. You have 3 options. First, we can install an ultra high efficient toilet and you can be hooked up to a city sewer system and when you are traveling you can use a portable black water tank. Option #2 is for us to install black and grey RV style storage tanks, that way you don’t have to be plugged into a system of any sort. Option #3 is to install a compostable toilet (that reduces waste to 10% by evaporating 90% of it) only having to empty your compostable toilet receptacle (by this point, becoming odorless, harmless bury-able waste) once every 1-3 months! We can show you the various options, their respective costs and advise you on the best system for your needs.

What are your hours of operation?

We are generally available Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm MT.

Where are you located?

Lindon, Utah

Where can I tour one of your tiny homes?

Of course!! We have models you can view at our warehouse location in Lindon, Utah. Please contact us to make an appointment.

What kind of Tiny Home Foundations (trailers) do you use?

We use Trailer Made Trailers. They are built specifically for Tiny Homes.

How much do you sell your Tiny Homes for?

Since we do a lot of custom work, no two homes will cost the same as it depends on a variety of factors: The material choices & finishes, design changes and appliance or utility options and trailer length. See our pricing page for a general idea. Please contact us for a better estimate.

How tiny is a Tiny Home?

Our homes are designed to be built on a trailer. The trailers are 8′ wide and range from 16-32′ depending on your design. They can be built with a loft or lofts to add additional usable space. A small trailer provides roughly 128 SQ/FT. A large trailer provides roughly 256 SQ/FT.