Summer is quickly approaching. It is a great time to get out and enjoy nature. If you have ever considered going tiny, now may be the best time to try it out or start building your tiny home. Summer living in a tiny home in many aspects is more comfortable than winter living. Depending on where you choose to live you may need nothing more than a fan to keep cool during the summer.

    Summer living in a tiny home gives you the opportunity to use the surrounding land for your enjoyment as well. Many tiny home dwellers make the comment about how much time they spend outside of their tiny homes during the summer. Some are homesteading and spend the time working the land. Others live in a tiny home community and spend the time socializing with others. Whatever your preference, summer provides one of the best opportunities to take advantage of your tiny home.

    If you live in a warmer climate, you have the option of adding air conditioning. You could add something as simple as a wall mounted unit, to something as complex as a split system. Your comfort level, budget and personal preference will determine what is best for you.

    If you built your Tiny Home On Wheels (THOW), summer is a great chance to travel. You have the great opportunity to relocate your home at will. You could spend your summer visiting family, seeing the sites, or in the mountains in solitude. A THOW opens a whole world of possibilities when it comes to location.

Take A Test Drive

  If you are still not sure if a tiny home is for you. Trying one out for a few days, a week, or even a month may be a good option. Check out our article What Does A Tiny Home Have To Offer  for some locations that rent tiny homes. Summer in a tiny home is probably the best time to try one out and see if it is a fit. Not to mention, if you travel to one of these locations you get to enjoy the scenery as well.

A few others that you could look at through AirBNB are listed below:

 If you want to go international check out this list of 25 Incredible Tiny Houses Available On AirBNB from

Tiny Home Experience Without The Tiny Home


  Another option that may give you some of the same feel as a tiny home is camping cabins. They are roughly the same size and provide the basic amenities. The ones at Palisades State Park in Utah provide a nice cozy place to stay. Although not as homey as a tiny home they will give you some idea whether you could live in that size of a space long term.


  A further suggestion, try renting and staying in a RV for an extended period of time. specializes in RV rentals. You can find something like this 30’ Jayco for $110 a night. Staying in a trailer for a week or so may help you decide if tiny living is for you.


  We used to take week long trips in our trailer and loved them. Although, I don’t think a trailer is as homey and comfortable as a tiny home. If you like trailer living I really think you would like tiny home living. You have the option to have appliances and cabinets and things that will make it feel more like a home.


  Many times when people talk about going tiny they make it sound like it must be something you decide to do full time. Really there is nothing wrong if you decide to only live tiny occasionally. I think putting a tiny home on a vacation property is a great use for a tiny home. If you have some property or know someone who does where you like to visit, you could leave the home there for when you need somewhere to stay. It could be your home away from home.

Plus Toys

Summer Living In A Tiny Home Is Fun

  No matter where your tiny home is located, summer living is great! You get the opportunity to not only enjoy the tiny home itself, but the area that surrounds you. Maybe you will choose only to live in your tiny home during the summer. You might enjoy it so much that you decide to live in it permanently. You will never know until you try one out. 

   Many times when people talk about going tiny, they feel like it must be a full time commitment. That is not the case. Living in a tiny home full time is not a requirement. If you choose to do so good for you. If you choose to only do it part time, still good for you. The flexibility that a tiny home offers really doesn’t have any boundaries. When we talk tiny homes, many people have a stereotypical view of a hippy or minimalist. You don’t have to be either of these to want a tiny home. Tiny homes can fit into any lifestyle.

If you want to try out very unique tiny homes, check out this article from
This gallery has a tiny home in each state. Some of which are a very interesting design. Each of these properties is also available to rent.



  I personally believe that summer living in a tiny home is the best time to experience what a tiny home has to offer. Although winter living in a tiny home can be cozy and comfortable, summer living provides more options for activities. I am an active person and love to be doing things.The ability to get out and connect with the world on a new level is what the tiny home movement is really all about. Take a chance this summer and see what tiny home living feels like.


Dream Big, Live Tiny!


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